Market Square Transfer Center Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project

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What is the Market Square Transfer Center Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project?

Capital Area Transit (CAT) is proposing enhancements at its existing downtown transit center, with help from PennDOT and the City of Harrisburg, to improve public safety at the Market Square Transfer Center.

Project Objectives and Proposed Improvements

A.Personal Safety and Security

Improve personal safety and security through better lighting

  • Solar LED landscape / string lighting near walkways and bus shelters

B.Vehicle and Pedestrian Movements

Better communicate the bus contraflow (west-bound Market Street) movement to users of the adjacent signal using traffic control devices

  • “LOOK” sidewalk markings for pedestrians
  • “BUS APPROACHING” signal for pedestrians during the transit signal phase
  • “WAIT. DO NOT CROSS. BUS APPROACHING.” audio warning device for pedestrians during the transit signal phase

Address the issue of the uncontrolled right-of-way and wrong-way movements at the western Hilton driveway

  • Driveway – entrance only and exit only signs
  • “NO RIGHT TURN”, “DO NOT ENTER” signage
  • Directional arrow pavement markings

Encourage desirable and discourage undesirable pedestrian crossing behaviors

  • Decorative barriers, hardscaping, bollards (posts), and chains to guide pedestrians to appropriate crossing locations
  • New crosswalk across 2nd Street driveway entrance
  • Install pavement markings on Market Street to better define the roadway areas vs. pedestrian areas
  • Add bollards (posts) & chains or relocate fencing to better define the Hilton valet parking area and reduce encroachment on sidewalk paths

C. Bus Loading Zones

Widen the bus loading zone walkways/waiting areas

  • Remove the bollards (posts) and chains in the bus loading zones
  • Install leaning rails or other low-profile furniture

Encourage pedestrians to stay behind the yellow line in the bus loading zones

  • “STAND BEHIND YELLOW LINE” sidewalk markings

D. ADA Standards

Provide ADA accessible crossings

  • Install ADA ramps and a new crosswalk at 2nd Street driveway entrance

Improve the separate ADA accessible loading zone situation for West Shore passengers

  • Relocate the ADA boarding area from the southern end of the transfer center to the general boarding area
  • Replace northern bus shelter in center island with a cantilever, ADA accessible bus shelter
  • Modify the street furniture for improved ADA accessibility
  • Install wayfinding signage for the ADA boarding areas

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