Raider Regional Transit – Shippensburg

Capital Area Transit (CAT) established daily public bus service in Shippensburg, PA in 1999 as a cooperative effort between CAT, Shippensburg University, the Borough of Shippensburg, The Township of Shippensburg, and Cumberland County.  Shippensburg University, a member of the 14 State System of Higher Educations institutions initiated discussions to implement bus service in the community and the University.  Many of the other Universities in the State’s Higher Education System had already established public transportation within their community; Shippensburg University desired the same services for its students and the greater community.

Raider Regional Transit, the name of the system in Shippensburg, operated by Wolf’s Bus Lines, a private entity, runs Monday through Saturday during the University School year and runs Tuesdays and Thursdays during modified schedule, non-school year periods, and serves both Shippensburg University and the surrounding community. The service provided is considered a deviated fixed route service, allowing any person traveling within a 3/4 mile corridor to request the vehicle to deviate from its regular route by calling (717) 530-8891 at least one day prior to the day you need to travel, and the bus will deviate off the main route to accommodate the individual.  This deviation is made for any person, regardless of trip purpose.

The purpose and objectives of continuing Capital Area Transit’s Regional Raider Transit is to provide quality bus service to both the greater Shippensburg Community and the students at Shippensburg University, allowing community members transportation options to get to where they need to while allowing the students of the university to experience their higher education in the Susquehanna valley without bringing additional personal vehicles.

People within the greater community of Shippensburg use the service for a variety of reasons including travel to employment, doctor visits, shopping, dining, etc.  Our senior population has become regular users of the system over the years.  Students use the system to travel to and from off-campus housing, shopping areas, and recreational activities.  Students residing on campus also use the service to attend class, travel into town and for shopping and recreational activities.  This service reduces car traffic in and around the SU campus as well as in the Shippensburg business district.