CAT’s Commuter Resource helps riders get around the state while saving time, money and the environment. CAT is dedicated to providing guidance for using other commuting alternatives such as carpooling, biking, park & rides and connecting to regional connections.

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Park & Ride Locations

Transit Park and Ride lots are for customer parking and are not available for residential, commercial, or long term parking, or for recreational use. However, carpoolers are welcomed and encouraged to use CAT’s Commuter Route lot to meet their fellow commuters unless otherwise noted. See details regarding Specific Park and Ride locations below.

Please park only in designated areas in Park and Ride lots. Parking in non-designated areas could result in your vehicle being towed. This would not necessarily be at CAT’s request, but could be done by various jurisdictions that monitor these facilities for compliance with the legal codes that govern them.

While CAT and local law enforcement staff check Park and Ride lots, there is not full-time security personnel at these facilities. Park and Ride patrons are encouraged to lock cars, not leave valuables in sight, and report suspicious activity at transit facilities or on buses to the police or to bus drivers.

CAT staff is always working to improve security on our buses and at our facilities. Our highest priority is to keep people safe as they travel throughout our system. Please contact CAT to find out exact locations for Park and Ride.

Please note that parking in any Park and Ride lot is at your own risk.

Emergency Ride Home

CAT partners with Commuter Services of Pennsylvania to administer an Emergency Ride Home Program. Anyone who rides CAT Commuter Routes or the scheduled route who is registered and commutes to work at least twice a week is eligible. This is a reimbursement program. Reimbursement is based on the receipted taxi fare or the equivalent of the IRS rate for mileage reimbursement. You must pay for the emergency ride, and then submit a reimbursement form. The program is limited to those who commuted to work, but cannot travel home by their usual means due to illness, family crisis or a non-routine work demand. Transportation systems’ delays will be reimbursed if there is not another alternative available later. There is a maximum of six (6) emergency rides up to $100 each per calendar year per commuter.

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Preparing for Long Ride Times

CAT makes connections to multiple regional transportation providers. Click on the links below to go to their respective websites for more information:

Amtrak – Harrisburg Station

All CAT Routes utilize Amtrak Station as a transfer point for a connection to Amtrak and Greyhound Station in downtown Harrisburg.

Harrisburg International Airport (HIA)

CAT Bus Route 7 will connect and with Harrisburg International Airport to pick up and drop riders off to use the airport.

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