Vendor Notice and Registration

If you would like to be added to CAT’s list of Vendors, please read this document and complete this form and submit as instructed. Your name will be added to the list of vendors and you will be notified when there are any opportunities.


The following documents detail requirements that apply to FTA-funded purchases. Refer to the type and dollar thresholds for each of the detailed applicable terms and conditions that may apply. By acceptance of purchase order, execution of contract, or by fulfilling product or service order, vendor acknowledges agreement to these terms and conditions.


Current RFPs and RFQs:


Request For Proposal: Farebox & Fare Collection System

Addendum #1 – Questions and Answers RFP: Farebox & Fare Collection System

Invitation for Bids – Electronic Signage

Addendum #1 – Questions and Answers IFB CAT 2018-005 Electronic Signs

Addendum 2 – Electronic Signs – Extension Bid Date

Addendum 3 – Electronic Signs – Additional Extension Bid Date

Addendum 4 – Electronic Signs – AVAIL RTIS data question answered


Request for Proposal Shippensburg 2018 – Second Posting

Addendum #1 – Shippensburg 2018 Service


Request for Proposal-Joint website redesign 2018

Addendum #1 – Questions and Answers Round 1
Solicitation Number –CAT-2018-002-
Website Redesign Services
June 19, 2018

Addendum#1 – Questions and Answers Round 1 – Website Redesign – Soli#Cat-2018-002

Addendum #2 – Questions and Answers Round 1a – Website Redesign