People With Disabilities

Inclusion & Diversity logoPeople With Disabilities Advisory Committee


CAT/PWD Advisory Committee Members (15)

–Bob Philbin:  Chairman


–Roger Jones:  V. Chair

–Carolyn O’Brien:  Secretary

 –Christopher Zdanis 


 –Cathy Long

–Elizabeth Pabon

–Michael Begler

   Business Resilience Consultant

–Mark Edwards

–Mathew Seeley

   PA Statewide Independent Living Council

 –Ginger Monsted

       Cumberland Manager/Service Area 9 Coordinator 

       PA Link to Aging and Disability Resources

 –Danielle Rudy

       Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

 –Vernae Patterson

       Center for Community Building

–Deborah Clayton

  Dauphin County MATP

 –Sherry Marks


–Iris Fuentes


Committee Meeting Minutes

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Customer Service Center – Submit your comments and concerns here 

CAT transportation would appreciate your honesty when stating any complaint regarding our services.  All complaints are reviewed by the appropriate management.  We want you to be at ease and understand that there will not be any form of intimidation or retaliation as a result of any complaint.  Your input will help improve transit service throughout the system not only for you, but for all riders utilizing the Capital Area Transit  system.    Thank you for actively engaging CAT.  “Where CAT goes, Community Grows.”

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