History of Transit in the Harrisburg Area

Looking Back ……

Over the years, CAT’s predecessors (Harrisburg Railways Company and Valley Transportation Company) operated a wide variety of bus types.

In sifting through some archives, from both firms we ran across a bus that at least in the United States was a one-of-a-kind. This was Bus #951 of Harrisburg Railways Company.

#951 was a 1954 Flxible Twin Coach, an intercity coach type bus equipped with 37 reclining seats, luggage racks and individual reading lights. The Twin Coach Company who built only city-type combined with Flxible who had a reputation for building excellent coach-type buses, built a group of 23 special buses. Twenty-two of them went to Brazil. The other one, originally to be a demonstrator, was sold to Harrisburg Railways as its first new charter bus.

The bus came to Harrisburg in green and cream.  It was never repainted (regular HR Co. buses were always silver and green)

Special work for those days was very limited and most of the time the bus sat in the rear of what is today Track-9.

On occasion it would be used for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania VIP moves but was never used in regular route service – even on express runs.

It was, perhaps, the most unusual bus in Harrisburg bus history.