History of Transit in the Harrisburg Area

Looking Back….

This photo was taken in July of 1960 showing a Valley Transportation Company (the forerunner of CAT’s present set of West Shore routes) bus leaving the west side of Market Square.

Although the main destination sign says “Special” the small windshield sign says “Island Parking”. Checking an old schedule dated for June of 1960, we learned that Valley had two buses providing the peak hour service on the City Island – Downtown Shuttle in those days.

The “Island Parking” route was always assigned the oldest, and smallest, buses in the Valley fleet – the bus (#62) shown was built in 1941 so it was already 19 years old when this photo was snapped. A check of the Valley fleet toward the end of its time in business showed old #62 still in service until the late 1960’s!

Also of interest, was the fact that Valley’s “Island” route operated much later than our RT2/City Island line service The old timetables show trips leaving Harrisburg as late as 9:15pm on shopping nights!

Market Square, in those days, as well as Downtown Harrisburg itself was the center of the commercial hub, several years before the influx of shopping centers and plazas.