Capital Area Transit Riders See Stability in Transit Cost as Gas Prices Rise

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October 4, 2017

Bob Philbin

Capital Area Transit Riders See Stability in Transit Cost as Gas Prices Rise

(Harrisburg) — Gasoline prices are on the rise, which makes Capital Area Transit (CAT) a stable choice for daily commuting in the capital area region, according to CAT spokesperson Robert Philbin.  “A gallon of gas now costs about forty cents more than it did this time last year, and while the price at the pump may rise and fall due to a variety of reasons, public transportation will allow riders to plan for commuting costs while saving money.” He said.      

According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the national average annual savings is $9,946 for a person who switches his or her daily commute from driving to taking a bus. The estimated savings for a CAT commuter is $9,240 per year.

 “We calculate that individuals who ride a CAT bus instead of driving can save, on average, about $770 per month based on local Harrisburg parking rates, car costs of $500, and estimated gas prices for 40 gallons per month.” Philbin said.  “A CAT monthly zone 1 ridership pass costs $49.00, and that’s remained a stable fixed price, regardless of other economic factors, like fluctuation in gas pump prices”.

Local cities reported by APTA and commuter savings based on the purchase of a monthly public transit pass are listed below.  These savings vary based on cost of transit service in the different cities.  Where systems are most costly, the saving will be higher.

City              Monthly            Annual

Philadelphia       $1,002    $12,028

Baltimore            $852       $10,229

Washington        $836       $10,029

Pittsburgh           $821       $9,852

Harrisburg          $770       $9,240

“As gas prices fell, Bus ridership has been reported lower in many transit systems around the country,” Philbin said.  “However, CAT is experiencing an increase in some ridership categories, like Seniors, Paratransit Riders, Students and Bike Riders.”

Capital Area Transit was incorporated in 1973 when Cumberland County and Dauphin County Commissioners and the City of Harrisburg organized CAT to provide mass transit Fixed-Route and Paratransit shared-ride services, which today conveniently and safely transport about 2 million riders a year in the thousand square mile capital region., follow CAT on Facebook or Twitter at @CATTransit, or call CAT’s Public Information Office at 717-238-8304 for more information. “Where CAT Goes, Community Grows.”



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