CAT Economic Impact in Cumberland County Tops $2 Million Per Year

(Harrisburg) —  In addition to providing transit service to some 2.5 million riders in the capital region, Capital Area Transit (CAT) contributes almost $11 million in wages and salaries  and goods and services purchased annually within CAT’s service area.

“More than $2 million goes annually to the Cumberland County economy, CAT spokesperson Robert Philbin said today.  “Total gross wages and goods and service expenditures by Capital Area Transit in Cumberland County amounted to $2,079,337.43 in 2015,” Philbin said.  CAT’s overall contribution to the capital region is $10,744,004.97.

Following is a breakdown of wages, goods and service purchases by jurisdiction:

Jurisdiction Gross Wages 2015
Cumberland County 1,629,915.43
Dauphin County 1,027,781.96
Harrisburg City 5,272,200.64
Other Locations 1,791,516.94
Total $9,721,414.97


Jurisdiction Goods and Services 2015
Cumberland County 449,422
Dauphin County 383,835
Harrisburg City 189,332
Total $1,022,589


Total 2015 Gross Wages, Goods & Services: $10,744,003.97
Cumberland County $2,079,337.43
Dauphin County $1,411,616.96
Harrisburg City $5,461,532.64

Capital Area Transit was incorporated in 1973 when Cumberland County and Dauphin County Commissioners and the City of Harrisburg organized CAT to provide mass transit Fixed-Route and Paratransit shared-ride services, which today conveniently and safely transport about 2.5 million riders a year in the thousand square mile capital region.  Visit, follow CAT on Facebook or Twitter at @CATTransit, or call CAT’s Public Information Office at717-238-8304 for more information. “Where CAT Goes, Community Grows.”


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