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(Harrisburg) Proposed Capital Area Transit service changes, currently out for public review, reflect shifts in transit needs in CAT’s service area, as well as new data now available as a result of recent CAT technology update, Bill Jones, CAT General Manager, said today.

“Through public outreach and new technology, we’re able to take a closer look at gaps in the system and realign service to maximize efficiency and provide expanded service with minimal cost impacts,” Jones said.

Over the last year CAT has implemented two technology programs which allow for better scheduling of service and monitoring of live on-time performance and passenger use.

“As a result, we’re better able to analyze the entire system and implement service adjustments to improve service throughout the system, while more efficiently utilizing equipment and staff already deployed across the service area,” Jones added. “The result is an increase in overall efficiency, with minimal additional cost.”

By connecting Kline Village to Union Deposit and Rutherford via new Route 18, CAT is beginning circulator service between ten locations approximately every hour from 8:40 am to 9:55 pm. “This means people can circulate to destinations in that area without the need to travel downtown to the CAT Transfer Center at Second and Market Streets,” Jones said.

New CAT service will include the expanded service listed below. Both current and future service schedules are available on the Routes and Schedules tab on

Route 2: Capitol Complex/ROC Shuttle
Will provide new service between the Harrisburg Capitol Complex and the Riverfront Office Complex every 30 minutes from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm. Connections at the Harrisburg Transportation Center (Train Station) from Routes 1,6,17 and 39 from employees with 7:00 am start time.

“This new service will connect downtown Harrisburg with Shipoke, the PennDOT Riverfront Office Center as well as the Capitol Complex, with the Broad Street Market in the Mid-town,” Jones commented. “This provides integrated 30 minute circulator service from downtown to mid-town Harrisburg, allowing riders to move around the most active areas of the city throughout the work day.”

Route 3: Third Street
Route 3 will be adjusted to operate throughout the day every 30 minutes from 4:55 am through 6:45 pm.

Route 7: Middletown
Based on new reporting data, Route 7 will be adjusted to improve on-time performance. An additional evening trip (outbound and inbound) will be added and trips to ROC have been eliminated. ROC service will be covered with new Route 2 service.

Route 12: Colonial Park – Colonial Commons – Gateway – Linglestown
Time points have been improved based on real time activity data to improve on-time performance.

Route 17: Hamilton Health Center/Kline Village
Renamed the route to Hamilton Health Center/Kline Village. The route will end at Kline Village Giant where it will connect to Route 18 and continue on to Union Deposit. The adjusted route will operate throughout the day, every 30 minutes, adding 4 additional trips.

Route 18: Kline Village/Union Deposit/Rutherford
New service from Kline Village to Union Deposit/Rutherford Road. The adjusted route will operate throughout the day, approximately hourly, adding 5 additional trips throughout the day.

Route 39: Herr Street/Blue Mountain Commons
Based on new actual performance data, time-points have been adjusted to improve on-time performance.

Route 14: Union Deposit/Four Seasons
Reroute bus to bus stop on Ontario Drive in Twin Lakes Manor Apartments.

Route 16: Pennswood
Reroute bus to bus stop at Lakewood Hills Apartment and Eagle’s Crest Apartments

Route 322: Hershey/Hummelstown
Reroute bus to bus stop at Hummelstown Park-n-Ride on 10:25 am outbound trip (stop time 10:43 am)

Route C: Carlisle Local
Adjust time points to improve on-time performance based on actual activity. Added mid-day trips between Carlisle Commons and Camp Hill Mall. Individuals needing to travel to and from Harrisburg during the mid-day can connect with Route M at Camp Hill Mall.

Carlisle Circulator: Weekday
Adjust time points to improve on-time performance; eliminate loop to War College, the last evening loop Monday through Thursday, and Friday late night service (minimal ridership); and added 4 trips to and/or from Warehouse district.

Carlisle Circulator: Saturday
Adjust time-points to improve on-time performance.

Route W: Allen Road Warehouses (formerly Route C: Allen Road Warehouses)
Eliminating 4:14 am trip to Warehouse district and the 4:45 pm trip from Warehouse district, because of lack of ridership.

Adding additional service through Enola on Route W:
Add AM trip from Carlisle Warehouse District through Enola to Harrisburg Transportation Center (Train Station); through Enola to Carlisle Warehouse District and add PM trip from Carlisle Warehouse District through Enola to Harrisburg Transportation Center.

Capital Area Transit was incorporated in 1973 when Cumberland County and Dauphin County Commissioners and the City of Harrisburg organized CAT to provide mass transit Fixed-Route and Paratransit shared-ride services, which today conveniently and safely transport about 2.5 million riders a year in the thousand square mile capital region. Visit, follow CAT on Facebook or Twitter at @CATTransit, or call CAT’s Public Information Office at 717-238-8304 for more information. “Where CAT Goes, Community Grows.”


Robert J. Philbin
Public Information & Customer Experience

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