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Bob Philbin

Mike Love

Burt Snyder

(Harrisburg) – Highlighting the region’s pivotal role in the American Civil War and the anti-slavery movement, the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg has established a new volunteer advisory committee to provide recommendations and coordinate a series of historical public events to be featured throughout 2016 at the museum. The expert advisors range from nationally recognized historians and university professors to marketing and tourism leaders.    

“Our purpose is to assist in the development, organization and marketing of a series of exciting, informative, and educational events which reflect the diverse, vibrant and rich history of our region, from the Civil War to contemporary times,” Mike Love, National Civil War Museum past-Chairman, and Chairperson of the newly formed advisory committee, said.  

The advisory committee is composed of volunteers from the National Civil War Museum, the Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors BureauDauphin CountyDickinson CollegePennsylvania State University Harrisburg, and the African American Civil War Freedom Foundation & Museum

Upcoming events will include a series of lectures, exhibits, and public forums relevant to historic themes emerging from the Civil War and the abolition of slavery, which have evolved over time, to become part of the American fabric and national character.  

“Events will range from the evolution of constitutional amendments and civil rights, the development of military and private weapons rooted in Civil War history, to the role of Transportation in central Pennsylvania during our nation’s greatest conflict,” Love added.  

“We will work with the museum and the volunteer group of expert advisors to provide a series of historical and cultural events that reflect the diverse history of various communities in Dauphin County, the City of Harrisburg, the central PA region before, during, and after the U.S. Civil War,” said Dauphin County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jeff Haste, who spearheaded a four-year-long, countywide commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War that concluded in 2015.  

“The impact of the Civil War reshaped our national character and set in motion profound social, legal, and cultural change that reverberates throughout American culture, and within the historic communities throughout the central Pennsylvania region,”  he added. 

The events advisory committee, open to additional volunteers, includes:

Mike Love, Committee Chairman, National Civil War Museum

Burt Snyder, Chairman of the Board, National Civil War Museum

Ruby Doub, Dauphin County, National Civil War Museum 

Mary Smith, Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau

Robert Philbin, Capital Area Transit, National Civil War Museum

Matt Pinsker, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Dickinson College

Hari Jones, African American Historian, National Civil War Museum 

Charles Kupfer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, American Studies & History,

Penn State Harrisburg

Kenneth Lee, Esq., Post & Shell, National Civil War Museum

Tim Defoor, Controller, Dauphin County

Guy Beneventano, Esq., Dauphin County

Kenneth Sable, Esq., Post & Shell, National Civil War Museum

“We will draw on the more than 20,000 artifacts stored at the museum and a wealth of other resources, historians and experts to provide fascinating exhibits, lectures, and public forums for discussion topics,” Love concluded. “We will soon announce the series of historic events scheduled for 2016.”

For further information or to volunteer to support NCWM events, please contact: Robert Philbin,


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