(Harrisburg) – A survey this week of riders on the new CAT Route 17 found high rider satisfaction in the second week of service following the April 2 Mulberry St. womens health. Bridge closing in Harrisburg.

“We are spot checking rider satisfaction levels and a couple of key service indicators, like walking distance to access a bus, and specific rider destinations,” Bob Philbin, director of planning, customer experience and public information, said today.

The random survey of about 17% of the total ridership on a typical Wednesday, found that about 87% of riders surveyed are satisfied with the new service, while about 13% responded negatively. 

“When asked about walking distance and time to reach a bus stop,” Philbin said, “over 70% responded that it took less time to reach a stop. About 2% of riders said it took more time to reach a bus stop and another 22% had no response to the question.”

When asked about final destinations, a primary reason for riding a particular route, the single highest destination for riders surveyed was Downtown Harrisburg (21%), followed by Point Mall (19.67%), and Hamilton Health Center (18.03%).

“This is a very positive finding for Hamilton Health Center because Route 17 is the first time buses stop at that location,” Philbin said.  One of CAT’s planning goals is to increase access to the health center and throughout the 17th Street city economic development zone. 

CAT Route 17 schedules 26 bus trips, running inbound and outbound, along State Street to 17th Street to Derry Street, connecting riders to the CAT Downtown Transfer Center and the Union Deposit – Rutherford area, daily.

When asked about increased access to more locations on the new route, about 83% said they had access to more destinations, while 3% said they did not, and about 13% expressed no opinion.

“While we continue to make minor adjustments to improve overall service time and stop locations,” Bill Jones, CAT general manager said, “we are confident the new Route 17 has improved service in the opinion of CAT riders.”

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary, CAT was incorporated in 1973 when Cumberland County and Dauphin County Commissioners and the City of Harrisburg organized Capital Area Transit to provide mass transit fixed-route and Paratransit shared-ride services, which today conveniently and safely transports about 3 million riders a year in the capital region.

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