Rider Alerts

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Commonwealth Ave will be closed today, Wed., June 22 from 9A-3P.  All routes will use 3rd St to detour inbound & outbound to Downtown area


Capital Area Transit implemented new service changes last week designed to increase overall service performance and efficiency in Cumberland and Dauphin Counties and the City of Harrisburg.  

Expanded summer service, driver shortages, equipment failures, road construction and related traffic conditions have unfortunately caused many unavoidable delays throughout the system, resulting in missed time points, trip delays and cancellations.  This has caused numerous unacceptable service delays and disruptions throughout the system.

“We sincerely apologize to our riders for any unavoidable delays and inconveniences,” Robert Philbin, CAT spokesperson, said today. “Every CAT employee fully understands the importance of public transportation in the lives of the riding public and we regret any disruption of that service.”  

“In the coming days, as new service changes settle in throughout the system, we anticipate significant improvements in efficiency and performance in Dauphin and Cumberland counties and the City of Harrisburg.” Philbin said.  “We thank our drivers, maintenance and customer service staff for their untiring dedication to CAT riders during this challenging service transition. And we thank our thousands of daily customers for their patience and understanding during this period.” 

CAT anticipates the addition of five (5) new drivers in the coming weeks, which, Philbin added, “will greatly relieve pressure on the current work force and provide better on-time performance to the riding public.”

Philbin said CAT public information staff is tracking and responding to every customer question or complaint and will continue to provide support to each customer as needed. 

“If you experience difficulties anywhere during your ride, please contact CAT at 717-238-8304, or click on “Customer Service” at www.cattransit.com, Philbin noted.  Customers are advised to use www.findmycatbus.com to identify real time bus locations, estimate arrival times, and a live system map.

CAT will provide service updates throughout the day.

NOTICE – Fares and Transfers

Trips Requiring Multiple Transfers

If your trip from Destination A to B requires one or more transfers, you are required to pay a $.25 transfer fee for each transfer.

If your trip from Destination A to B requires you to transfer into a different zone(s), you will need to pay a zone fare of $.60 for each zone you pass through in addition to the transfer fee(s).

Monthly pass holders will not have to pay an additional transfer or zone fee unless the issued monthly pass is not for the final destination zone.  In that case you will need to pay an additional zone fare of $.60 for each zone crossed.

75 Cent Fares

The basic fare for all routes is $1.75 with the exception of the $.75 fare for passengers who are picked up on the Market Street Bridge and taken to the Market Square Transfer Center.  Bridge passengers paying the $.75 fare cannot be issued transfers to other routes.

Further clarification and information on 75 Cent Fares – Please read

OOPS! Pardon our error!

Route 2 – Capitol Complex/ROC Shuttle

Incorrect fare was posted on this schedule.  Correct fare is $1.75.  Transfer fees apply.  Updated schedule on web site and new Public Schedules will be reprinted and distributed.

STOP ALERT – 3rd and North Street

Due to the construction in the Capitol Complex, the bus stop located at 3rd and North Street is going to be removed beginning Wednesday, May 11, 2016. The new locations are:

  • Inbound to downtown – Liberty  or Briggs Street on 3rd
  • Outbound from downtown – picking up just before the 3rd and North Street intersection

Detour Update – Route 19

The borough of Steelton will begin construction on Pine Street to repair water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems. This work will be done beginning on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. During this project, Pine Street will be closed to vehicular traffic. Detour as follows:

From downtown – Regular route to Gibson Street, right onto Gibson Street, left onto Front Street, left onto Mohn Street to regular route

To downtown – Regular route to Gibson Street, right onto Gibson Street, left onto Harrisburg Street (19th St) to regular route

Detour Update – Route 7

Until further notice:

Due to the closure of the Emaus and Union St intersection, Rt. 7 buses will detour as follows:

From downtown – Regular route onto Union St, right onto Brown St, left onto Pine St, left onto Water St, right onto Union St to regular route.

To downtown – Regular route onto Union St, left onto Water St, right onto Pine St, right onto Brown St, left onto Union St to regular route.

Rt. 230/Main St buses – No detour needed


Hershey Intermodal Center will NOT be serviced due to a construction project.  Please access bus at the Chocolate Avenue/Rt. #422 bus stop.

SERVICE ALERT – Routes 12 and 24

Traffic on the State St. Bridge is limited to one lane. Last inbound stop before the bridge will be at 15th St.  All other stops will be serviced.